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External view of hatcher

We use the most up to date setters & Hatchers, utilising computer controlled thermal distribution for a constant temperature and humidity.

In addition to this our whole site has static backup generators to ensure that even in the event of a prolonged power shortage our operations remain unaffected.

Our incubators have a capacity of 52,000 eggs and are regularly maintained to the highest of standards.

Internal View of incubator
Birds being removed from hatcher

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance at Grange Game, where our aim is to produce high quality healthy chicks right from day one.

We set eggs on Fridays and hatch every Tuesday morning at 4am.

Day olds being transferred
Day olds, ready to go

Chicks are placed in sterilised plastic crates and taken immediately to our sheds on site.

If day olds are sold they are transported in single use cardboard transportation crates.

Sheds are either 8'x8' holding 350 pheasant chicks, or our own veranda design for partridges.

Interior view of shed
Interior view #2

All sheds have nipple drinking systems installed, which ensure a consistently clean hygienic water supply while preventing the cross contamination which is common when using traditional water troughs.

A dosatron on each row of sheds distributes CID 2000 in consistent measured doses.

Sheds are dismantled each year and P60 pressure treated through our own timber treatment center killing all germs & disease.

Pheasant runs
Pheasant runs #2

Sheds are re-erected every year on fresh, clean grass. At three weeks old pheasants are bitted, then have access to grass runs to be hardened off.

We have designed our own verandas which have an 8'x8' shed with an adjoining 8'x12' run. They have a wire mesh base and are completely covered to protect from rain.

Partridges are sprinkled with water at four weeks to harden off and preen feathers.

Partridge verandas
New larger pheasant sheds

For the 2005 breeding season we have built a new design of shed. It measures 12'x24', divided into two 12'x12' bays. They have full height doors which allow you to walk directly into the shed from either end, this creates a better environment for both the birds and staff. They also feature a fully lined interior to aid cleanliness, insulation, and end of season maintenance.

Night shelter attached to new shed
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